Wonder Bakery was a 2008 show about the Wonder Girls pairing up with cooks and competing against each other by cooking. It had eight episodes. It was shown on the Korean channel Mnet. Each episode is about twenty-two minutes long. The cakes were actually sold, most delivered off-screen, but some sold in front of the camera.

Episode SynopsisEdit

Episode One:

The Girls sit around a table discussing that they want to do something during the winter. They agree upon making cakes and parting with and giving aspiring chefs a reward, and Sohee comes up with the name "Wonder Bakery." They all go to meet their partners, who are chosen through fortune cookies that contain descriptions of the chefs. Yubin chooses first and ends up with Lee Kang Won, Sunye with Yoo Won We, Yeeun with Ryu Shi Hung, Sunmi with Jang Hae Won, and Sohee's partners with Kim Joo Mok.